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Very often, when I’m asked to do a shoot, I will seek out a location. This can sometimes become an adventure. My assistant, Slavko, and I decided to look at Bluffer’s Park in Scarborough in Toronto’s east end. What we found was nothing less than spectacular. Nice parkland but the cliffs was what we were after as a backdrop.

Several weeks before, I was asked by Brittany to do a wedding based shoot. She asked her friend, Stela to also be a model for this shoot. Being one to try and get the most out of my shoots, I looked around for a spot that would give that Wow! factor.

Bluffer’s Park is located at the southern end of Brimley Rd and looks out onto Lake Ontario. It does have a marina, and beach area, and as I found out during our search, a residential area comprised of boathouses. Yes, this would be a great place for this shoot.

Come photo day, and as Mother Nature isn’t quite as cooperative as she sometimes can be, we woke to fog and rain that morning. I kept a very close eye on the weather reports and with some luck, the rain would stop and the fog would lift. We took our time as yes, the rain did subside but the fog was still there although not quite as thick.

The shoot went on, and I think we did get some great shots. Brittany asked to have the images submitted to an online modeling magazine whose theme was wedding based and 2 months later, our images were accepted. 

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